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02-04-2013, 06:54 AM
I just feel sorry for KDF players, its so hard to get used to a string of broken promises and I personally think they should just try to develop the KDF BEFORE tackling the Romulans. I've read posts where I've been appalled by Dan Stahl's attitude towards Klingon players. He seems somewhat belligerent when KDF players go to him for complaints about the quality of the project he is managing.

Can I also state that he left the project once before as well and only came back when PW offered him a fair bit of money. I think we personally need an executive producer who is going to be more straight up and not content to lie to us all the time. A little bit of honest from Cryptic would go a long way.

If Cryptic would just admit that the Klingons need work and actually spend some time doing it, even if it took a while and it was a gradual process. But they cut the bull and just were honest with the player-base with what they were doing. This game would instantly be better.