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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Put yet another way...

"Would Turkish RP Heroes EVER field a team of 5 in Arena or Ker'rat, without a Jem'Hadar Attack ship on the lineup?"

Answer's probably "No, they're not stupid."
I am afraid that answer is not correct. Turkish RP Heroes is not dependent on the JHAS.

While I will not deny that the JHAS is in my opinion the best escort overall (and that being the reason why JHAS is the prefered escort of choice), ships like the Fleet Escort, Fleet Patrol Escort, Steamrunner, or Moebius are also viable in team settings. If set up right, these ships can be operated just like the JHAS. An opposing team would hardly feel the difference.

A skilled escort player will be almost as deadly on other, "lesser" escorts as well.

Put Broken or Mara Jade in a Defiant, or Shimmer in a MVAM, or Randal in a Moebius, or Yoda or Strike in a fricking shuttle , and you'll see what I mean.

In some of my videos (link in signature) among other things you can see me flying a Fleet Patrol with some success as well.

And by the way, Turkish ERP Heroes is NOT Turkish RP Heroes (damn you Broken )

Visit the Inner Circle YouTube Channel to watch some pew pew PVP action!

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