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Originally Posted by barachielangel View Post
I'm ... honestly not sure what half those acronyms meant, but I think I figured it out. Thanks.

... That's weird. I"ve got the Odyssey. It says I've got the Odyssey Bridge/Interior selected in customization, but its not the bridge I've seen in all the vids. Is it because I got this one during the last anniversary?

Okay, ultimately it looks like I'm looking at trying one of two builds/layouts.

Pure DPS in the Retrofitted Defiant, an Survivable DPS in the Odyssey. What skills should I be looking at?
What you have, the "Anniversary" Odyssey, is the Odyssey Star Cruiser. It does NOT come with the goodies, such as the "Aquarius" Bridge (the massive Odyssey-exclusive bridge), the universal ensign slot, or the fifth console slot. Nor does it come with, nor work with, any of the gimmick consoles, e.g. chevron separation.

Ultimately the Odyssey Star Cruiser is a gimped version of the Odyssey Science Cruiser. To see an Odyssey in its full glory you'd need to pick one of the specialized versions, and probably the three-pack as well so you could pick which consoles you want (often, the answer is "all three").

I would NOT recommend this ship as a choice for a tactical captain, as it is a heal-centric cruiser; that said, it's still serviceable and I've seen some surprisingly effective tac builds on it. So it's far from impossible, just sub-optimal.

Note that, even though the Odyssey Star Cruiser is offered as a T5 Starbase ship, it is inferior to fleet ships - only the C-Store version is on par with fleet ships. (The fact that it uses fleet credits, rather than FSM, as its payment likely gives this away, however)

Also note that any build you try on the Ody Star Cruiser will work on a C-Store Ody - if I recall correctly the only thing some DON'T have is the power distribution, as the Operations Ody has +5 power to all subsystems, and the Odyssey Tactical has +10 to weapons, +5 to shields and +5 to aux.