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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
No, peace will just be an acknowledgment for a copy-pasta job for the KDF. The faction will get Fed stuff but with red paint on the walls. Peace just means there will not be any KDF distinct content ever.

And anyway, most of the time, it's the Fed hardcore fanbase who is asking for peace. I just wish the KDF faction could tell them: no, leave us alone. If there's an official ceasefire or peace agreement it just means that the KDF is only a Fed subfaction for the devs.
Oh you mean with the many many content unique content the KDF has now with the WAR. We are at ar, and there is already copy and paste content.

Cryptic can still make KDF content that is only KDF with peace.....there is the Feklar, and anything they can do...why would there be no KDF content if there was peace... The galaxy is big, and with peace the Klingon can go fight other things in the galaxy besides the Federation, perhaps go to the Delta Quadrant and expand over their before The Romulans do.

The whole Federation Vs. Klingon has been done to death in Star Trek already That's why Gen Roddenberry decided for peace in TNG.

I'll jump on my 15 KDF characters and tell Cryptic I want peace.'s dishonorable to continue a war with The Federation who the Klingons have fought with side by side, they are allies and have earned the right to stay that way.

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