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They could have wrote it better for the Klingons, but the Klingons are no better off than the Humans so a universe where they are free, but Humans are still around is much better than being slaves or dead. Besides what Klingon ship could they have used that would have the same impact as the Enterprise-C? There would have to be a Klingon ship that traveled through time and whose disappearance would cause a monumental change to history. Unfortunately none come to mind.
Forgive me for not having an answer but I missed the episode about Enterprise-C causing a monumental change to history. If a young Gorkon or Martok had been onboard one of the pursuing klingon ships mentioned in the mission it would likely have made more sense to my KDF toons rescuing the captured captain and his kamarag, without changing anything else in the mission except to have the option to have him distract the guard.
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