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02-04-2013, 09:39 AM
Hmm bad luck OP?

I opened.. 145 lock boxes, ( between 3 toons )

1350+ Lobi ( got the ground set upgrade, space set upgrade,dom carrier & 2x assault mini guns )

1 Dominion ship ( got in the first 40 )

7 mirror carriers ( all sold for 850k each )

Too many dilithium tickets to count.. about 150+

25 polaron weapons, 10 ground.. Sold the space weapons making 50+ mil ( 2 turrets alone were 13mil each )

15-18 purple dominion officers

about 40-50 doff packs, usually sell for 80k-125k each depending on when you sell, or sell them individually.

Now, I think the last lockbox had much better prizes, if the dilithium tickets werent character bound they would be friggin great.

I also do think the drop rate for the ship is poo. But some of us get luckier than others, it is the lotto after all! Not everyone can win.