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02-04-2013, 08:52 AM
Other than BO/HyTorp builds BUFFED DHCs are really the only things that can break ships and it's b/c of the frontloaded damage. If you remove that the game will drag on much more. Seriously against a coordinated premade or even pugmade see how well or poorly DCs do.
But the point is that once you remove front-loaded burst damage, you can tune up the damage that weapons do across the board if need be. If all damage is increased, then the disparity between the ship classes in healing starts to become more apparent.

The problem right now is that if you increase damage all around, then burst damage starts to become too effective. What you end up getting is people calling for greater healing across the board to stop escorts from tearing through a hull in a single burst.

Remove burst, and healing and damage can then be tuned properly. As it stands, they're forced to balance healing around burst damage (escorts) which as result makes all the other ship classes who don't burst seem inadequate.  1347284393
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