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Originally Posted by ashtaku View Post
Jack, you're absolutely right that expecting specific rewards from the lockboxes is a recipe for disappointing. Like you, the only prize I count on is the Lobi and doff packs... if I get a rare prize on top of that I look at it as a bonus.
Adding to my previous post, I did receive 50 Lobi in one dominion box the other day! A once off too I might add for me anyways. The Ferengi LB are apparently the most generous giving up to 20 at a time. The rest are between 4 and 10 I think.

In another note, there is some shady little Ferengi in the right hand corner by the window just across from the water fountain by Admiral Quinn's office in Earth Spacedock GIVING AWAY lockboxes and Keys!!!!

He caught my eye yesterday as I ran past. I approached out of curiosity and he sent me to Drozana Station. The minute you beam into the station there is a crate directly ahead of you glowing. If you open it you will complete the mission he sent you on and get two boxes and two keys. Inside you get only 1 item (either 1 lobi or special ship/ground equipment) as oppose to the usual 2 items (lobi & special equipment). The keys you get from him do NOT open regular lock boxes either unfortunately.

In truth, if people are really hard up about getting stuff off of the lobi store but do not want to waste their time on lock boxes I recommend you contact people like me. I'll happily buy the stuff for you and sell them for EC.
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