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02-04-2013, 10:10 AM
Still on the subject about defense and offense disparity, I'd like to see Willpower becoming more effective against Knockback. (Or, any better means to counter KB chains.) If you have Willpower + Sure Footed + MACO Armor (which I have), it won't be enough to stop some powers with high KB chance, allowing for a few KB chains. Because status resistance is apparently affected by the DR formula, you can't seem to ever get more than about 50-60% resistance to effects. Additionally, KB seems to be augmented by damage buffs, as I seem to be much often KB'd by a superbuffed Lunge.

From my perception this seems to affect KB more than the other effects like stun or confuse. I have 6 points in Willpower, and confuse powers last at most 1~2s on me, which is perfectly fine. However a KB chain of two or three times will lock me out of combat for much longer, enough for a defeat. This seems unbalanced to me since I have so much KB resistance and I intentionally built for it.

On a sort of different note, there also seems to be a bug with stun that if you have a high Willpower level, the stun will wear off quickly, but while you can move again, your ability to use any powers and consumables will be locked for the full duration. This happens to me very often.