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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
And on another note, even if having peace doesn't change that much in terms of the direction for further game development, maybe it's just me, but I don't see a proper MMO working with only one faction. Especially not a Star Trek one, because ST has so much potential and all of it would be wasted by this.
And PvP by having battle drills with the Feds.? You go into PvP and the general says, "Warriors, set your bathlets to stun, we'll be having drills" just doesn't sound right to me, nor very fun & amusing compared to an actual all out war PvP situation.
No doubt, no doubt at all. Though, to be honest, I'm not big on two faction or three faction games either. I prefer multiple NPCs factions as well as player factions. Heck, let's be honest - even within both Starfleet and the KDF...there are going to be multiple factions at war. Certain groups will want X, why other groups will want Y... they're not all happy campers within their own camps.

Consider the Romulans - there may be Starfleet groups that want to help them - there may be Starfleet groups that do not trust them - there may be KDF groups that see it as an opportunity to strike - there may be KDF groups that see it as an opportunity court an ally against the Federation...and all the other possible groups that may exist both within the KDF and Starfleet in regard to the Romulans.

Conflict. Drama. Action.

Should be happening within the various sides and would be happening between the various sides even in peace.

Personally, I'm fine with overall pretexts of peace against common foes...where that enemy of my enemy's not my friend, but also my enemy. That shouldn't remove all conflict between the sides. And to an extent, that's what we've got. Going for more than that - outright peace? Reducing the faction choice to being a case of choosing a race for your toon...? Where would the conflict, drama, and action come from? Farming NPCs that just sit there and wait for us to kill them?

Makes me think of that episode of King of the Hill where Hank takes Bobby to the hunting farm so he can kill a deer... even Bobby recognizes that it just isn't right.