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02-04-2013, 10:15 AM
The MVAE has a big Science slant with it's Lt Commander Sci station. It's a potent ship with that slot. A lot of nice combos can be had. Gravity Well to compact a group of ships and the open up with Attack Pattern Alpha + Cannon: Scatter Volley and then a Torpedeo Spread for flavor. But you it's sacrifices the Lt Commander Station that other Tier 5 Escorts have.

I hope that you got an Advanced Escort for your Level 40 ship choice. You can take the MV console of the MVAE and put into the Advanced Escort. That would give you the looks, and MV ability along with the Lt Commander Tactical slot. That would allow you to get a Cannon Skill II or Torpedo Skill III which definitely would increase your damage output. And you would have the Lt Science and Eng Science stations for a lesser science slant.

The Tactical Escort Refit is just a DPS oriented ship. It's a bit less survivability compared to the other T5 Escorts. But it's a quick, agile and packs one hell of a punch. And you can run two Tactical Teams back to back w/o sacrificing an Ensign tactical slot.