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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Well there is an A, B & C component here. A (alpha) & B (soak damage) and you are missing C (aid someone else in soaking damage)

A Cruiser that might lack certain things to absorb an Escort's alpha most likely lacks those things because they've focused their consoles/gear/abilities on helping someone else absorb an Escorts alpha.
I can see where Fleets might do that healing doohickey attempts at healing in PUGs whether PvE or PvP have always left me with the desire to buy something from the C-Store allowing me to shoot members of my own team.

When you toss somebody TT1 and they thank you for the

Outside of Extend Shields though, the other five healing abilities that can be used on somebody else are also tanking abilities.

edit: But yeah, I don't fly in Premades nor OPvP PUGmades. I don't do the healing thing while even in a cruiser. There are enough people from Ker'rat that queue to fly a tank in PUGland. They love to beat on a meatshield while ignoring the folks that are actually killing them.

FAW spam (both damage and random kill shots) and self-healing will give anybody that just gives a cursory glance at the scoreboard that you're rocking the place...when you're actually presenting the least threat of anybody on the field. Like moths to the flame, they're drawn to you...while the other folks on your team actually do the actual damage - efficient damage, well timed damage, etc, etc, etc. You're just flying around going wheeeee wheeeee...and then your team wins.

Vs. Premades/PUGmades - they either kill off the real threats first or just chain VM/nuke and I pop in the blink of an eye.

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