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Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
I certainly wouldn't be inclined to penalize anybody for their announcements in REDALERT being in character. As long as it's on topic (which is any events, folks, not just sector Red Alerts), it's welcome. A little casual RP never hurt anybody.

Just keep it on topic and we'll be good.
It's true, not a problem at all but there are a number of player's who prefer to keep it simple in REDALERT and you just can't please everyone in a channel this big. I have known some player's to RP in REDALERT but for those player's I created a channel called "Distress Signal" (click the link) a while back that is specifically for roleplayers and only used by roleplayers so there's no break in immersion.

I created that channel for exactly what mariothebros is asking for, it's open to anyone who's interested so if you have friends interested in RP, tell them about it.
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