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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
You're fooling yourself if you think this is going to happen.

Once fleet ships are unlocked, they become unlocked for ever for that fleet for easy, repeated purchases.

The investment for a fleet newcomer is effectively 0 (beyond ship modules, of course)

Basically what you are suggesting would cut directly into the truly massive (and I guarantee you they are massive) profits that come from master key sales.

They are almost always going to be a little faster, a little stronger or with a better layout than what is typically available (barring metagame shifts that the devs might not realize or consider).

I understand what it is you're aiming for, and I don't disagree with the desire to have this balance as I'd much rather be flying true Fed ships than Alien ones but my inner min-maxer will not let me - but I think most players need a dose of reality when it comes to the state of the game regarding lockbox ships and the importance of revenue in a game that has to answer to share holders.

And no, the fleet ships will never be on the same level of revenue unless players would be willing to purchase them for 20+ fleet ship modules each.

With that being said, the number of Lobi store ships that show up on the market show that people are in fact quite willing to spend that kind of money to obtain certain ships - I just think there would be a riot if the Fleet Regent was made more awesome but also had a new price tag of 40 fleet ship modules (= $200 compare to 800 lobi at ave 4 lobi per $1.25)
Overall I think you're right, but there is room for the lockbox ships to still be better without being as overwhelmingly so as they are now.

I think it's also worth considering that the lockbox ships are one of the things people mention for making them leave the game. If they imbalance the playing field too much, they drive customers away. Look at it this way, if you were considering plopping down $20 for a fleet escort, would it be worthwhile given that it would put you at a disadvantage against anyone with a bug? The money for the fleet modules wouldn't be much, but it still seems kind of wasted in comparison.

The sweet spot for Cryptic would be to leave the lockbox ships with a slight edge, but not so much that they make the other fleet ships obsolete. If players aren't going to pay for the lockbox ships, Cryptic should still be trying to make money off them in other ways.