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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Except it's not even remotely close to true in this game.

Good healers are the backbone of a solid team.

There are times I'm under fire in my Escort and I don't even need more than EPTS 1 + TT 1 - this isn't because I'm awesome and I'm zipping around at full impulse, it's because my healers have my life in their hands.
In PvP healers are necessary. I like healing in PvP.

In PvE they are optional, and put the team at a disadvantage in the DPS race. The only exception seems to be gimmick fights where you need to keep an NPC healed. If I'm playing an escort in PvE, I almost never need more healing than I can give myself. Heck, I almost never need to move, I'm usually okay just sitting motionless cycling EPtS 1 and TT1 no matter what I have agro from.

In my cruiser I can cycle two copies of ES 2, and copies of Aux to SIF 1 and 3 (so the hull resistance buff is always up, in addition to dropping a pretty powerful ET 2 or TSS 2 when needed. But in PvE, 98% of the time the healer's main contribution is firing underpowered beam broadsides at the team's focus target.

I took about a year off from the game, but it used to be that even the healers put out valuable damage. They weren't the killers, but they kept up sustained pressure. Now if you aren't hitting with DHCs, you basically aren't doing damage at all.

I don't think the healers need to match the killers on DPS, but they are too weak right now. Honestly, science ships also probably do too little weapon damage for the current state of the game. Their control powers are more useful than healing outside of PvP, but if you bring one that can't mount cannons,that still nerfs the team's DPS too much.

Though it doesn't help that the game is loaded with cruiser captains who don't even try to heal.