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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Insulting people will certainly help you recruit more healers. XD

Of course, what virusdancer hinted at is very important regarding the relative power of cruisers: There is a big, big difference between playing in a premade team and playing in a pick-up group. My impression is that many premade-only players tend to completely ignore the PUG side of things.
Trying to heal in a PUG is a nightmare. ES and A2SIF eat up RSP and higher-level EPtS slots, and if you heal team-mates then your heals will be on cooldown almost all the time, leaving you vulnerable if the enemy shifts to you.

But the PUG escorts are going to allow enemy escorts to just park at a full stop next to the healer and fire into a bare shield facing for as long as they want, and they aren't going to bother tossing you their own heals to bridge the 5 or 10 seconds it will take to get your own big heals off cooldown.

Teams are a whole different story, but most people start with PUGs, and PUGs teach you to not bother trying to heal.