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Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
I've been doing the same with my dil just because I need a new ship like I need a hole in the head.

I've found the secondary rewards in this box to be far better than the secondary rewards in the last couple since those were more fleet focused. Just as useful as the Cardassian box IMHO.

The gear and ships are good for some quick exchange cash. The doffs (Which have been the reward given about 75% of the time) are pretty helpful for your lower level toons. And sometimes you get one or two to sell on the exchange.

I like doing the mining because it's quick and easy and fun to bounce around in the low gravity, so the claims are welcome to me.

As for the Lobi... You get more on average from the Ferengi box I believe. But you still have to wait a while to get anything useful from the Lobi store. Since I keep very little in my bank (All gear is either equipped, sold, or passed along to another character) the Lobi pile sitting there isn't hurting me.

Over all, I like this box and if a player doesn't have anything better to do with their dil-bought Zen like me, I don't see why they don't open a few.
Yeah, I've had decent returns myself. I got a few of the new special purple Doffs. what I got most often was reinforcements packs. I didn't see anything even remotely close to a 76% drop rate of dil mining claims.

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