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02-04-2013, 11:48 AM
Ok, I must admit, until recent, I've never really used Attack Pattern Delta. Omega was my main one.

But as I've now moved over to using my KDF Engineer alt, I have been looking at skills very carefully. But the one thing that REALLY jumped out at me, was the new DOFF that add threat generation to AP Delta.

Now, it has been very nice to add to my Bortas War ship, and helps me keep aggro, great, fantastic - that is what I expected... how ever.... my ever thinking mind, decided to try something.

Despite having the threat control skill, I jumped in to a Gurumba for a bit of fun, but I kept AP Delta.... and in elite STFs, started casting it on any other ship in range.

WOW, just plain WOW... it was a bit mean of me to cast it on Fed cruisers without telling them what I was putting on them, or why.... but it didn't half work well !!!!

I've sepnt 2 ESTFs just laughing my backside off as end bosses home in on the person I put Delta on, while I beat the daylights out of them

Shame you can only have 1 of those DOFFS equipped at a time, as I'm just having to much fun off loading threat to Feddy cruisers
Which one will you be?