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02-04-2013, 01:04 PM
You could try Radiation Scan Mini-game and it's Related Mission. Talk to the guy in the Staging area. While his mission doesn't earn you much in the way of Romulan Marks. He offers a Buy X Rad Reports for Y Marks service. It's best if wait until you have 300 Rad Reports, as it's the "best" deal Per Rom Mark he offers. There are "clouds" on on the ground and water in New Romulus that will pop up the Minigame outside battles.

The mission actually can be combined with the Sector Patrol, as all 5 of his Locations add up to 95% of the Sector Patrol Count. The only Issue is that you need to spend several Minutes after each Mission to get to the Satellite to play this 60 Second Mini game to get about 20+ reports.

You can get most of the way to 300 Rad Reports after two days, just on the Space missions alone.

The Bad news is you'll need a space in your inventory for the Radiation reports, but the good news is that they stack to 300 to a Pile.