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02-04-2013, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Insulting people will certainly help you recruit more healers. XD

Of course, what virusdancer hinted at is very important regarding the relative power of cruisers: There is a big, big difference between playing in a premade team and playing in a pick-up group. My impression is that many premade-only players tend to completely ignore the PUG side of things.
The vast majority of times I'm in a random PuG. A few times I'm in non random PuG. Very few times have I been in a premade. Idc to have the game balanced around Pugging, 1v1s, or even intership capabilities. It should be how well does ship X fill it's role(s) vs how well does ship Y fill it's role(s).

I acknowledge pressure damage isn't an effective role atm with the exception of KDF battle Cruisers and some Lotto ship builds.

I'll also acknowledge various hybrid/escort builds (not all) are OP in terms of various capabilities. It doesn't follow that support cruisers are UP. They still are very good at their main job, which is to support repair/resist boost an ally.