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02-04-2013, 12:39 PM
As of now I'd like to give the Ambassador a shot. Being an Engi captain, I'll try to stick with the name and create a support cruiser. I am currently flying the following setup, which I've been using roughly since the Amby got launched:


TSS1, HE2, ST3
EPtA1, EPtS2, ES2, ASIF3
EPtA1, EPtS2

Doffs: 2x Dev. Lab (for Sci Team), 2x Shield Distri (BFI), 1x Warp Core Engineer (additional power with EPtX) - all purple

Shields: MACO
Deflector: BORG
Engines: BORG

Consoles: BORG, 3x SIF Gen - 2x Shield Emitter - 3x Tetryon Generator

Weapons: 6x Phased Tetryon Arrays [ACC]x2, 1x Chroniton Mines as well the Breen Cluster Torp

So, this ship heals very decently. There are however a few problems I have yet to solve:
My damage is weak, very weak. I somewhere read here, a decent (heal) cruiser should deal roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the healing he dishes out. However with this ship, it is much more like 1/8 to 1/6 in terms of damage/heal ratio. I often find myself somewhat useless for a team. I am pretty sure the weapon setup ain't the best, however my classic eight beam layout won't work at all without EPtW.

This is backed up by another problem. I haven't actively played since a while and this ship is as sturdy as a paper ship. Even though I am constantly redistributing my shields (of course), chaining those two EPtS2 copies, I got shreddered to pieces within eyeblinks by escorts - mind those are mostly not even tactical escorts, but sci ones. Even when I throw TSS and RSF in the mix, my shields get eaten up like popcorn. Tac Team helps for a very short while, but since I am using Sci Team with those Doff, TT1 doesn't really have much of a priority.

So basicly I fly around keeping my team alive, which works. Then some escort gets the glorios idea to target the healer - which would be me. And boom she goes, even when I fire up virtually all skills just for me, I rarely can't keep myself alive there. So what use is a healer, who deals no damage and virtually can't take any? As mentioned I can't remember neither my Excelsior, nor my Star Cruiser being THAT fragile, however I haven't played those since a while. So either escorts got more powerful or I am missing something here, maybe I forgot how to play.

Now I have 200 Lobi Crystals to spend and I am thinking about getting of those Tachyon Mine Launchers to either replace the Chroniton Mines or that Breen Cluster Torp.
Any additional comments? Is the Sci Team focused way even decent nowadays? I was thinking with either going 2xTT1 copies and change out two Doffs (to which?) or try an Eng Team focused build, which features ET3 and ES3.

Lately I've been also thinking about ditching those two BFI Doffs and replace them with Damage Control Doffs, basicly just cycling EPtA1 and EPtS1 - hoping for the Doff proc. However since I have a hard time staying alive even with EPtS2 and BFI as a backup, I don't want to know how this works with EPtS1 and without BFI...