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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Here are the big differences:

1) Communication
2) Teamwork
3) Cooperation
4) Focus on team success over personal glory (playstyle & build choices)

1) Selfish play
2) A desire to be "the hero" (an extension of selfish play), i.e. "kirking it"
I don't quite agree with that. There's too many variables that come into play to write it off as simply being that.

What does a Premade have?

Better communication. They'll usually have voice comms. This is going to be superior than typing. Doesn't mean that the PUG can't or won't communicate - but in the end they're not going to have the better communications available to a Premade. Keybinds can only go so far and communicate so much.

Teamwork experience. Having run together previously, they're going to have the experience of working together as a team. Doesn't mean that the PUG can't or won't work as a team. But it might the first time anybody on that PUG team has seen the other members of the team. The experience the Premade has from even running a single match together is going to be superior.

Cooperation? Well, one could say that this is covered by communication and teamwork. So once again, it doesn't mean that the PUG can't or won't cooperate - but in the end, the Premade's going to have the edge because of better communications and experience working together.

Focus on team success over personal glory (playstyle & build choices)? C'mon, now - that's just being silly. Obviously a group of players that plan on playing together are going to have a synergy going with their styles and build choices. That doesn't mean a PUG can't or won't be team focused. You could have five guys that recognized that PUGs lack healing - so they decide to roll healers - they queue up...bazinga...all five of them end up in the same match. Never knowing what you're team is going to be sporting - what the enemy is going to be, that's part of the whole excitement of PUGland. Obviously the Premade may have better focused builds/playstyles for team success, but doesn't mean that they've got the market cornered on wanting the team to win.

Selfish play. Yep, no doubt there's selfish play involved on the PUG side at times. There are also going to be the folks that don't play that way. In the end though, it's somewhat required - because you don't know what your team's going to end up have to be more self-sufficient. Then again, there's selfish play on the Premade side as well (more in a bit).

A desire to be "the hero". Yep, no doubt there's the folks that want to be "the hero" - and that's how they run in PUGs. Course, there's all kind of heroes, eh? There's the hero that wants to kill everything and stand triumphant at the end of the match. The guy that's oblivious to the healing he received, the debuffs his targets received, and all the rest. Yes, that guy's extremely annoying. I think I mentioned a desire earlier to be able to buy the ability to shoot folks on your own team...yeah, this guy...he's one of those guys where "Ooopsie, fatfingered that...sorry." would happen. Ahem... but there's also the healer that PUGs it, knowing full well that his team might be the definition of fail. You don't get that from a Premade. That guy deserves a cookie.

I said I would mention more in a bit about the selfish play on the Premade. Okay, then - it's pretty simple. Better communication, team work experience, and build synergy...lolstomping PUGs. Can't get more selfish than that. I mean, it's not some random numbnuts charging the enemy and then complaining he didn't get heals, nobody followed him, etc, etc, etc. It's a cooperative effort from a group of five to be selfish. That's far worse, imho, than random numbnuts guy. Even if you find yourself on a team with four of them and you desperately wish you could help the other team shoot them... they're still individual selfish players. They're not that premade group of selfish players.