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02-04-2013, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by dracondarknight View Post

As for your build, sorry I keep mine classified; First i don't like it when too many people run around with my build and second is that Cryptic tends to change things too many people use.
I hear that! I am still quite sore that we were discussing trico-bombing tactics in TTS and not even two weeks later they started "adjusting" things.

Going forward from here, if I had "One Wish" to spend on a ship-tweak, I would buff the lance so it does trico-level shield-penetrating damage. The Galaxy X's turn-rate and the long cooldown would prevent this from being an effective "escort killer" but turn it into a good stationary-target killer or slow-moving-target killer.

I shouldn't have to do more than what I have done with my builds to get any sort of kick from this weapon.
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