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02-04-2013, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
So I got bored and tested this out in the sb234 mission on elite.

Averaging 2,500 dps.

using 3 mkxii plasma cannons and the exp beam array foreward
2 mkxii plasma turrets KCB and rom torp rear

the lobi time console borg console and rom console 1 mk xi rcs console and 2 mk xii rcs consoles

4 mk xi plasma consoles

fleet elite engine and deflector

maco mk xii shield

using bo3 apd1 and tt1
eptw1 epts2 x2 et1 x2 aux2damp2 aux2sif3
tss1 he2
2500 DPS? That's a little low mate, especially for a single cannon build.
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