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02-04-2013, 01:27 PM
the DHC talk got off track, you don't fix it by 'nerfing' it, you do something about the extreme in its front loading. and when you do that, the game can do without TT distribute. it should proboly do without ES too, thats the key to keeping someone basically invincible at the resist cap.

remove those 3 factors and you will only be left with varied levels of damage over time, with BO and torps to provide the only spike. the extremes would be removed, and cruisers would not be UP anymore, none of the none DHC weapons would be UP anymore.

since they wont do anything as extreme, even though it would leave the game in a state were it could easily be balanced from there, here's some half measures that will be nearly as good

-DHCs with CRF makes their fireing cycle practically DC like in effect. maybe firing slightly less shots then a DC, but fireing shots the entire duration of the cycle.

-lower the TT distribute and clear down to a 5 second window

-cut ES's active time down to 15 seconds, and give it an RSP like cooldown

removing or nerfing these things would have 0 effect on pve. well, perhaps no win and cure would be harder with less ES blanketing, but thats it. a team is pretty fail if any shots get fired at the kang though, and no win is supposed to be unwinable. but even pve'ers are wining it now
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