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02-04-2013, 01:36 PM
Final result of test:

Damage bonus:
Only work when u decloak, is a 5sec damage buff. The buff dosn't trigger when u fire clocked from a brel, u need to disable the cloak.

Cloak Bonus:
I was with 125aux, and 1 green boff (basic subterfuge) and nobody can see me, at any range. (i think that with 125 nobody can see me anyway, with or without the boff)
When the SCI player used sensor scan, he was able to see me, but minimax that was a 1km wasn't able.

With 63aux (i can't go lower) and the boff minimax can't see me even at 0.01km, without the boff he can see me. When the SCI player used sensor scan, both can see me

And this was with only 1 boff (u can stack 2, one with basic subterfuge, and another with superior subterfuge)

Btw, this boff also breaks cloak animation, is a visual bug but is very annoying because i never knew if i was cloaked of uncloaked, need to check my traybar every time. The bug also affects the stealth stat in the ship stats, u can't see it (so it was imposible know my stealth value with the boff)
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