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02-04-2013, 01:42 PM
Here's my updated Escort Loadout, btw.

USS Astarte, Sao Paolo-class Retrofit
Ship Loadout

Forward Arc
1x Quad Phaser Cannon (Scaling) (Purple)
2x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons Mk XI (Purple)
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII (Purple)

Full Aegis Set

Rear Arc
3x Phaser Turret Mk XI (Purple)

20x Shields Battery
20x Engine Battery

Engineering Consoles
Universal Cloaking Device
2x Neutronium Alloy Mark XI (Blue)

Science Consoles
Universal Assimilated Console
Field Generator Mark XI (Blue)

Tactical Consoles
3x Phaser Relay Mk XI (Blue)
Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XI (Blue)

Skill Loadout

Cmdr. Tactical
Tactical Team I
Attack Pattern Beta I
Cannon: Scatter Volley II
Cannon: Scatter Volley III

Lt. Cmdr. Tactical
Torpedo: Spread I
Torpedo: Spread II
Attack Pattern Beta II

Ensign Tactical
Tactical Team I

Lt. Engineering
Emergency Power to Shields I
Auxiliary Power to SIF I

Lt. Science
Hazard Emitters I
Transfer Shield Strength I

I ultimately went with spread as my default set up due to the volume of enemy pack engagements in PVE. However, I do have my spare tactical officer outfitted with CRF3 and TRV3 so I can swap my Commander Stations about when I know I'm going in for a big solo fight.

So far I've done two of the 2800 episodes and the loadout has served me well.

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