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02-04-2013, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
The fleet defiant is still tough it doesn't need any more shields it disposed to be a glass cannon

A ship like this shouldn't be able to walk into an stf tank a tac cube kill it and heal back up it does it shouldn't be able to walk into pvp tank 5 other players destroy them and heal up it can(not me but seen It done)

With a field gen and maco shields it runs at 10k shields
I don't think an extra 10% boost to its shield modifier is going to turn it into a tanking powerhouse.

It's just a small boost that every other Fleet ship gets, including other escorts.

It can't be because of its ability to Cloak, since every KDF ship comes with a built-in Cloak and they still get the full Fleet bonus. It can't be because of its 5 Tactical consoles, either, since the Jem'hadar Attack Ship has a full 1.0 Shield Modifier and 1500 more Hull HP than the Fleet Defiant. It might be because it has both, but with the Attack Ship having more hull/shields and a much higher turn rate than the Defiant, I dunno...

My money is on it being an oversight that they don't think is important enough to correct at present.

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