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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Better communication. They'll usually have voice comms. This is going to be superior than typing. Doesn't mean that the PUG can't or won't communicate - but in the end they're not going to have the better communications available to a Premade. Keybinds can only go so far and communicate so much.
The point is that it's a variable.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Focus on team success over personal glory (playstyle & build choices)? C'mon, now - that's just being silly.
It's not silly.

I don't even need a hull heal on my escort.

Not chasing personal glory is when you stop worrying about how awesome your DPS or healscore was on the scoreboard and instead focus on the team's strategy for success regardless of where that puts your personal numbers.

Sometimes that means you need to hold back when you want to let loose, and sometimes it means you take a copy of skill A when you wouldn't normally.

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I said I would mention more in a bit about the selfish play on the Premade. Okay, then - it's pretty simple. Better communication, team work experience, and build synergy...lolstomping PUGs. Can't get more selfish than that. I mean, it's not some random numbnuts charging the enemy and then complaining he didn't get heals, nobody followed him, etc, etc, etc. It's a cooperative effort from a group of five to be selfish. That's far worse, imho, than random numbnuts guy. Even if you find yourself on a team with four of them and you desperately wish you could help the other team shoot them... they're still individual selfish players. They're not that premade group of selfish players.
I think you've kind of veered off into some alternate conversation here.

Selfish play for a single player is exactly that.

Wanting your team to win, and focusing on the team's success mean exactly the same things they mean in sports.

You stick to the gameplan, you play for each other and you generally try to keep your own ego in check.

If you want to define 'wanting to win' or play with your friends as the height of selfishness, that's your perrogative.

For me most PUG PvP in the queues (and not pugmades where there is generally at least a bit of coordination in team comp and play) was about as rewarding as most of this game's PvE content.