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02-04-2013, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by barachielangel View Post
As for the CSV/CRF debate, I have my solution. I have a TAC officer setup for each at the Commander level. I'm just going to give each a try and swap them around till I find which one I like better.
PvP you'll want CRF. PvE you'll want CSV, especially if you have APB and in groups, and double-especially if you have torp spread. Getting into a team that all use CSV will blow away the entire sphere spawn in ISE in less than 3 seconds.

(You know, the spheres that start to show up once you blow a generator? Then we nuke the transformer before they arrive, so you have around 10 spheres trickling towards you? The entire group melted before any of our hyper-plasma torps reached them, so the torps went on to piss off the gate. )

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