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02-04-2013, 03:33 PM
It is possible. But it's difficult.

The way the Foundry is set up, the maps have to be done in a linear order. Map A -> Map B -> Map C etc

However, within that map there are some options, but they essentially have to be done outside the story tab. On the map tab you can click and drag a pop-up dialogue onto the map. (use the states tab to determine when it will pop up). With this kind of dialogue it opens up a new trigger. You can set objects or NPCs to spawn and despawn based on what dialogue choices people make. Say you want a group of enemies to spawn if the player makes a certain dialogue choice. Put those enemies on the map, go to the states tab and set them to go from invisible to visible on "dialogue prompt reached" then you can select what dialogue window you want to trigger their appearance. It only works with map dialogue, can't do it with any dialogue in the story tab.

So you can change the map around, change what enemies pop up, what npcs there are to talk to, all based on what dialogue options they pick. But it all has to be outside the actual "objectives"

I'll give you an example. In my mission "Over There" I give the player the choice to activate a console or not (it's actually a moral choice). The console isn't tied to an objective though. Once you get to that point in the story, all there is is a reach marker at the end of the map with an objective that says "Make your choice and get to the end." If you activate the console, it spawns enemies and some more pop up dialogue. If you don't, you have clear sailing to the end of the map.

You can even extend the consequences of that choice over multiple maps, you just have to, in map dialogue, ask the player to state again what choice they made, and trigger things to spawn or despawn off that choice.

Hope that helps.
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