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02-04-2013, 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by scutumprimus View Post
I did not have the problem the OP has, but it is a problem of -Hide and Seek- mission.

Paulson Nebula - - - Mission - Scanning 5 Anomalies, and 4 of them I can scan in the nebula but the Depleted Satellite is simply pissing me off.

How the hell can one catch that frikin satellite which is moving very fast and simply jumping from side to side, whenever I come close to about 5km it jumps away in a complete opposite direction.

HELP PLEASE it is pissing me off.
Originally Posted by evans2941 View Post
Ahh... that one constantly irked me. Try using only the visual of the satellite and not the "distance targeting outline" graphic. Get really close and the option to scan should pop up onscreen. figured out what you meant!!!

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