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02-04-2013, 04:45 PM
Well, I don't like J'mpok at all, but I'd want even less to see Jarod in charge of the Empire. He's just a treacherous Duras, a honorless PetaQ and he should have no say so in Empire affairs. The only reason he is a factor in STO is because the Duras supported the House of J'mpok to come to power so he can reinstate their House in return.

If this happens and Jarod comes into power in the Empire, I can't see any peace between the Federation & the Klingon Empire since the Duras are all famous for loving their Romulan care bears. One can argue that this is STO and not the series, but we've all seen who wrote the letter (according to Cryptic) that endorsed D'Tan and the need KDF to get involved in helping New Romulus. So there we go - Duras with the Rommies once again

If he comes to power I can only see him running to Sela.