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02-04-2013, 03:50 PM
The spawns from using the MVAM console do not inherit any of your stats, as far as I am aware. They use phasers (beams on the Alpha and Gamma sections, there's a couple dual cannons on the Beta), and don't benefit at all from any of the equipment fitted to your ship including consoles.

That said, the MVAE is pretty nice. Most people use the LTC science slot to fit a grav well which can be very useful for bunching up enemies to kill them quickly, and also to give you more time to kill them in STFs before they reach an objective (time you don't need on a properly built escort).

I don't have any real numbers for you, but having flown both ships, I can't say the specials make that huge of an impact on your success, and the DPS boost seems minimal at best from a subjective standpoint. it comes down more to if you like the boff layout and/or look of the ship.