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In that spirit...

It was banned after the entire graduating class of 2153 got drunk on Romulan Ale and disastrously tried to perform a Kolvoord Starburst with over 500 ships. That whole thing about a Xindi weapon blowing up Florida was a cover story.

No, but the angry, warlike Tribble Empire that broke away from the peaceful Tribbles hundreds of years ago do.

In an evolutionary twist that's stumped Federation exobiologists, it turns out that neither the Vulcans nor the Andorians ever really adapted to their climates. The Vulcans were always just miserably hot and the Andorians were freezing cold. Most of the wars the Federation's fought have been because other planets were jealous of Earth getting all the good weather.

The Klingons had trouble competing with Romulan Ale before they found their niche with vampire drinkers.

Just be sure to write a will leaving everything to yourself before transport and you'll be fine.
LMAO! Dude, you win the thread!