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Originally Posted by bluegrassgeek View Post
It doesn't. I've changed nothing from the default layout and still did not receive credit. I agree with the comment earlier, this happens somewhere between exiting the maintenance tunnels and boarding the Ent-C. I do not think it's related to the assignments you give the NPCs, as I kept getting the bug whether I put them on their specialties or not. It seems really random, like a variable isn't getting flipped somewhere in that sequence.
I agree, I feel the assignments and such are just coincidence of some sort. It took me 6 tries, and on the 6th one I waited 15 minutes before scanning the anomaly at the end and it completed. Also, I never had 'threading the needle' in my mission log, on completion or earlier.

I'm convinced it's due to lag of some trigger, perhaps the end, perhaps the tunnel/boarding, that still needed to catch up at the end.

But I was able to complete it without changing in the character selection. Maybe the character selection thing causes the trigger to happen in anticipation of logging out, but as I said earlier, the waiting for the game to catch up is what did it for me.
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