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02-04-2013, 04:06 PM
Really you can easily solo this mission for most of the ships. If you position yourself well, just under the ship you can free the tractors and not fire a shot. It is tricky and once you find a spot free a ship reverse impulse for a couple seconds and wait till the next to spawn then advance in slowly. If you get everyone doing this and the high dps or tank to aggro help with Scimitar in case there is a fire fight then you can clear them as soon as they spawn.

ANother thing if you have a pair engaging then you dont have to move at the same time. Say a pairing had a sci and escort, after all baddies dead the escort can lower one tractor till they get full impulse then move out, sci can finish job while escort softens up next objective.

Similar for partners: one ship pulls away from baddies, at low impulse toward the next objective (you can cover a lot of ground during the fight). Ship two lowers the tractors. Once tractors down then ship 2 max impulse to next target, aggro and move tholians away. Ship one having regained full impulse then sneaks into backfield and grabs tractors.