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02-04-2013, 05:20 PM
The funny thing is i was originally going to have Captain Donovan die in combat which is how wraith would assume command (since technically augments cant join starfleet), but once i started beta testing i kind of had that "well crap..." moment and just let it evolve from there. It really was a fun thing to watch how different it became from my initial look on the crew.

As for section 31, yeah, it's a heavy theme because from my view point a lot of what happens in the shows or films doesn't really seem like it would be something the Federation would want to be making common knowledge, but it lets me go back and explain or play in some creative ways for the challenges. Not every job can be solved with diplomacy and science, and the Crew here is suited for just that.

The dialog how ever i can do, it's the constant line breaks and what not, the technical aspect of writing i tend to be bad at, but i'll keep this in mind for future challenges. I do however change the way i write for challenges depending on the Character dictating the log, it's not much, but hopefully enough to make it feel like it's the character and not just one person doing them all.

I'm looking forward to going through these tonight myself and reading what every one wroth though, and i'll definitely post more feedback for every one else as well. thank you.