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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
It's the number of posts you made, after you've made a few replies in the forums and a bit of time you should be able to start threads. It's a security measure to prevent spam bots from infiltrating the forum.
Well, I've probably not made hundreds of posts but I've been here for about 3 years and I think I used to create threads.

Know anything about the missing character thing?


Ah, they must have switched the forums when PW took over the game. Probably why it shows me as new here.

The reason I stopped playing a year ago is I was ripped off for 2.4 million EC. I knew I had an EC limit at the time and it was nearly maxed so I bought the EC Expansion item for the C-Store as well as some other items I planned to sell. The EC Expansion instructed me to "logout" after using, which I did. Logging out takes you to the character screen. I logged back in and put the items on the market and they sold quickly but the EC expansion had not taken effect so I lost 2.4 million EC. Rather than return this to me, they chose to lose a customer and any further revenue.

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