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Hey we can keep going! Especially since sparklysoldier's post was hilarious....

6. TOS had a lot of interesting places that were never visited again....2 of which come to mind...The planet where "Plato's Stepchildren" took place and the planet of the Guardian of Forever. Considering that both places are probably dangerous locations to let the general public know of, not to mention your enemies, I always wondered about what Starfleet did about 'em. The Plato people supposedly live a looooong time and Captain Kirk even asserted that they'd go back to being d-bags as soon as the Enterprise left. So did they just leave or did they leave warning buoys around the system that said "Warning: Incredible ****heads live here. Don't approach" or even fake out ones like " WARNING: The planetary system is filled with Super Duper SPace Plague. Even scanning it can infect you." As for the Guardian....well, if I were in charge of Starfleet I'd build the most fortified starbase in the universe there just to make sure the klingons and romulans didn't go there. Of course they didn't and thats why the Guardian appears in the game. (as a kid I always thought the guardian looked like a Glazed donut)

7. why are the Borg stupid? They want to destroy the Federation right? So why not stop attacking them and go after the Klingons first? No offense klingon lovers, but the Borg could probably steamroll them. Because the Klingons would probably send wave after wave of warriors to be killed or assimilated. Sure, the klingons might actually drive them off but they darn sure wouldn't look for a scientific way of doing it. They're more likely to just just try to bat'leth them to death. (Thats why I didn't say Romulans or Cardassians. The Romulans would probably outthink them, and the cardassians would swallow their pride and ask for help from the feds if the borg really went after them. )

8. When the planet Risa was first mentioned in TNG I thought it was a planet that the Federation had colonized and it was so nice that tourism became its primary industry. (fighting urge, once again, to not get into how the "no money" thing is so frackin' stupid....I tend to ignore it just so I can enjoy the show). But according to a DS9 episode, IIRC, Risa has its own indigenous population....and its weather controlled. (another really dumb idea, IMHO. Outside of terraforming a hostile environment, I'd like to think that the feds would not try to trump mother nature...but thats just me). How sucky can that be? Grow up on Risa and take your pick of service industry jobs. Admittedly, it must be a nice place to live, but damn, it seems limited...and fragile since Worf took over the weather control with ONE PADD.

9. OK, I've always imagined that they had something like this....Galactic Standard Time. Because there are 24 hrs in an Earth Day. There are 26 hours in a Bajoran Day. The measurement of time during a day, or even years between planets is a big margin. Even ignoring the complications of FTL space travel it would only make sense. Because 3 PM can't be the same 3 PM everywhere. I'd hate to have an appointment on another planet and find out its at 30 PM. I can't stay up that late, I'm gettin' too old for that. Thats more of a suggestion than a question, I know.

10. If you were in high school when the feds and the klingons were allies would you take a klingon date to the prom? I daggone sure would. First, I know she'd be really good at partying....second, I know she could kick the *** out of anyone messing with me. Besides, none of the vulcan chicks would go out with me.