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02-04-2013, 05:15 PM
I don't think it's proof. You'd need to get into the code for that. But it is a good indication that the odds generator for it may be skewed to the low side.
Thats proof enough for me, and i'm saying that as a programmer that works with more random number generators than I care to think about. I'm well aware of how to skew them, as you put it. And frankly you just described an effort at hard coding them to be rigged.

We've figured out past drop rates, but nothing is forcing Cryptic to keep the same odds. For all we know they could be altering the drop rates from week to week or box to box. We really have no way of knowing besides someone doing this kind of thing.
That would be a blatant scam and very illegal. Cryptic would have alot of explaining to do if anyone got it in their head to make an issue of it. It would be very easy to argue that they were exploiting people intentionally and secretly by doing such a thing. They aren't that stupid

Jack, you're absolutely right that expecting specific rewards from the lockboxes is a recipe for disappointing. Like you, the only prize I count on is the Lobi and doff packs... if I get a rare prize on top of that I look at it as a bonus.
Except that they are sold on the concept of winning one of the rewards being the point of buying them, not for lobi crystals. That should then be a red flag

Hmm bad luck OP?
For the record, there is no such thing as luck or true randomness in a 'random' generator based reward system. Any programmer will tell you that