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Ooc: that's what I thought earlier today.

The Diadact stands on the bridge of.his ship. As they arrive at the gate. And the iconian vessels.

Diadact: inform the iconians of our arrival. I want that transponder active so we can send a scout through the gateway.

Meanwhile back at earth.

Tal walks through a park at Paris. Colorado walks up beside him.

Colorado: so what do you think.

Tal: I want that information. I don't care how you get it .

Occ: I'm at work now so ill be on and off for a.few hours.
OOC: I will be at work tomorrow early and there all morning on my time. Been at school all day today will be wednesday but will probably bring my laptop.

*On the other side the Migrant resistance fleet is already there towing the disabled Republic as repair crews are working on it. *

James: We are secure.. for now.

Wax how is our prisoner

Wax: He is being held and has made no sudden moves. There is a guard on him.. at all times.

James: I will go and see him then. Wax take the comm.

*He heads down to the brig as the guards let him in. *

James: Hello Taragi..

*Elsewhere on the ship Miranda is hard at work on something to heal the Admiral. *

Miranda: *Looking at the sample of the contaminate from the Admiral's blood.* What are you..

*Over the past year all she has been able to do is to keep it from mutating so the suit can keep it under control... His life expectancy is still around 4 years or so. She is still astounded at how the Admiral is still standing and fighting as hard as he can... His powers are burgeoning but his body can't take it. If he pushes too hard he will accelerate the contaminate and cause his life expectancy to less than a year.. If that happens it will be a galaxy wide epidemic as its receptors have already started showing signs of programming for that eventuality. Yet as she draws her dark brown hair back.. she feels his warmth of character and soul.. *

Miranda: How are you still able to fight Admiral.. why am I so curious about you..