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02-04-2013, 05:36 PM
well for a start 2011 socket is being focused by intel as server based tech and is not really a home system tho you can use it for that purpose, plus the re wd hdd are hdd designed for raid and servers , if you notice even xeon cpu are being slowly converted to 2011 socket as well

so technology wise its more feasible to use a 6 core cpu with a mobo that supports upto 64gb of ram and also combination of re hdds turns this system into a server and not a home pc

home pc enthusiast shouldn't really be looking into 2011 unless its a show off factor or they intend to turn there systems into servers as well

1155 socket pcs are more than enough for any pc enthusiasts

the closed loop water cooler is just to keep stability and coolness so the system can run longer

this is just the rant of a hardware consultant anyways