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02-04-2013, 06:42 PM
Yep you gota level the romulan reputation system to get the best romulan set; hoever, guessing from the fact that you don't know what a "tier" is, i bet you havn't really started on the rep system. Apparently it should take you at the minimum 2 months to complete. And you will be buying a **** load of certain commodities major regenerators and large hypos.

If you want to get romulan marks easily, it is best if you do the epohh tagging on New romulus. It is a very passive way to get marks, all you really need to do is tagg epohhs with a team (3+ members in a team) (make sure you tag 30 epohhs at best) within the 1:30 mins you get to tag epohhs once one of your team tags the first epohh). with that you can get 4 epohh active tags, use 4 tags for a doff mission to get 1 epohh research (3 on critical), get 5 epohh research to get a pup, level the pup through their respective doff contact and as a epohh elder trade it in for 400 marks. Keep doing this daily for a steady income of rommie marks. Doens't take too much time of allocated play time either.

It will take a few days to finish if you do it right. Check the dev blog and any related threads on epohh tagging.

If you are more into space you can do the tau dewa sector patrol daily for 60 marks, 75 if its rep marks hour.

I hope that helps, even though it may be a bit confusing in the middle paragraph
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