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02-04-2013, 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by kaarruu View Post
To clarify the above, I wasn't asking for a change because I messed up. If I had messed up, I'd chalk it up to user error and buy the correct boff. But hey, there -isn't- one to buy!

Green Tac: promises extra crit and delivers.
Blue Tac: promises extra crit and delivers.
Purple Tac: promises extra crit yet does nothing of the sort.

I'm hoping we'll get both male and female Rommies sorted out sooner rather than later. It really sucks that the shiny new goodies are bugged, glitched or soon to be nerfed into the ground more often than not.
The problem with the purples is they do say when you hover your mouse over them that they improve critical chance, if you right click them though to look at what that critical bonus % is, like you would see with the blue and greens, it shows they have the subterfuge trait i think it is, the one the engineers and science have. So either the hover over tooltip is wrong, or more likely they just have the wrong trait.

Would also like to see some resolution to the not stacking, considering that i spent about 160k dilithium across 3 characters when hey did stack.