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02-04-2013, 07:51 PM
The Bortasqu' is a beast. She isn't for the faint of heart, but she is great in the hands of a strong pilot. You need to be able to fly a big ship, but if you like 'em big like I do she is fine.

The trick is to get the right balance of frontal weaponry. you know you want turrets/KCB in the back, so it all comes down to how narrow you want to make your front arc. I setteled on 2xsingle cannons, a DBB, and the Omega torp. This is similar to how I fly my Gal-X, but I replace the DBB with a DHC. The joy part of the disruptor auto cannon is it does not share a cooldown with BO like the spinal lance does. Combine that with a ltcom tac slot for AB:O, and all my tac captain skills, I can spike higher then a Gal-X ever thought about. Add to that my pet and the snare and you get a ship that absolutely rocks.

Now, the downsides. She is slow. Not cripplingly so, but you need to learn how to fly a big shp vs a regular sized one. It is a totally different ball of wax. Also, for all that mad burst, you give up thruput. You won't usually out DPS a lot of people over time, but when you decide you want something to die "NAO!!!!" you have power that no other ship can match.
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