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02-04-2013, 08:27 PM
Im just wondering, if the torps are not invisible, what can we really do to avoid it anyway? I mean, we'll be fighting and micromanaging many cubes/spheres while they're shooting multiple torps at you?

For escorts the problem gets worse as most of us gets in close to our targets to make our weapons deal max damage, the distance travelled by the torps are much shorter for us to effectively take any action.

The only solution i can think of is carriers having their pets on guard or reserving point defense/FAW (not viable for escorts w/o arrays). I'm sure pets can see the invisible torps right?

I have also used mines effectively too in killing torps (both visible/invisible), just that you can't really control what the mines want to kill.

So really, if the torps are made visible.. there's very little we can do to avoid it, especially when we're at the thick of things. Not mentioning our field of vision which is limited and we don't have tactical ensigns on the bridge who warns us of impending doom.

Having said that.. I have a brilliant idea.. you know the fighter planes have >> LOCK ON << feature when missiles are locked on to you?, maybe if we can have that feature enabled, it might be a solution? Maybe for targettable projectiles like heavy torps/bio neural warheads only, normal torps won't trigger that lockon feature, else it will just flash all the time.. haha

whaddya think?