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# 1 Changes to STO
02-04-2013, 09:56 PM
Ok, don't know if this is even the right place for this, but...

I have been playing for awhile now and have come up with some changes I'd like to see.

1> Lobi exchange, make them trade-able or have an exchange for dilithium or EC much like the dilithium to Zen exchange. You might offer them in the C-store for a price maybe 250 lobi crystals for 250 Zen.

2> More Carriers for the feds, serious lack compared with the KDF.

3> More science type ships for KDF. My science officer can't get a decent ship unless I buy one with RLmoney (Zen).

I am sure there are others that might have really good changes that would improve the game. I think all Perfectworld has to do is ask. And as a final note, change the foundry back. I haven't seen anyone that likes the changes.