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# 1 Escort Carrier vs Carrier
02-05-2013, 12:23 AM
After I think only 3 weeks, I made it to VA as an engineer. Here's what i notice in terms of ship choice:
1) Cruiser is just plain bad even in episodes Tried Ambassador Retrofit and found myself got killed way faster than in my Patrol Escort while not fealing enough damages.
2) Really happy with my Steamrunner

The issue is that technically speaking, carrier (not escort carrier) is a different class due to it having 2x hanger instead of one... but if carefully analyzed, I just realized that carrier is basically a cruiser.

Thus I am wondering:
1) May I consider 2-hanger carriers be equated to cruisers?
2) should I buy the plain version of carrier/escort carrier, buy keys for the lockbox, or get the fleet variant either by using fleet modules or from ESD (whatever that is?)