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02-05-2013, 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Yeah, that was the point.

Feel free to go and compare those lockbox/fleet Sci & Cruiser ships to Cstore Sci and Cruiser ships that are not the Vesta or Ody.
Galors and D'Koras are tough opponents-but they're not even in the same LEAGUE as Jem ships in terms of performance in PvP, meaning that even with their Shield mods, they're still killable, even with a BoP that isn't the Hoh'sus.

Likewise the Timeships. They're GOOD, but not Jem'Hadar good, even someone as crap at this game as I am, has a decent chance of taking one down. Minus the special consoles it's even a pretty DECENT chance, which is not something that can be said of the Jem Bug.

IOW, yes, they're better than Free ships-but not so much better that they render the non-lockbox/pay ships irrelevant. The Bugship, otoh, DOES render other ships irrelevant. If these are, as you say later in the post, T5.5, then the Bugship's a T6 level opponent-as I said EARLIER, taking one into most PvP is like taking a Fleet Somraw up against T3 opponents-The only way it's a "Skilled Kill" driving a Bugship, is either (a) said bugship's facing OTHER bugships, or (b) the Bugship driver's new to the game and facing a well-established Premade team while carrying a random Pug group.


Again, missing the forest for the trees.

The Vesta has 0.5 higher mod than other C store sci ships.

The Wells has a higher mod (1.45) than all C store sci ships.

The Galor has Sci ship level shielding at a whopping 1.3 mod, .15 higher than the Ody.

The Wells has a 1.45 mod.

The intent of the statement was "High Shield Multiplier"-sci ships are SUPPOSED to have that.
Mimey's point is irrelevant.

Fleet & Lockbox ships are effectively their own tier at this point. They have no business being compared to the majority of "T5" C store ships when they are clear Tier 5.5 or higher in stats.
Yup, and among those, the Jem Bug is the one (and only) design that lacks any flaws to counter it's advantages.


Get used to it

$$$ = better ships

Free to $25 = decent ships

I have to get over that I'll never have a T5 fleet ship, but I ain't whining, I don't wanna spend the $$$ for it. ( the $$$ referring to the cost to get your base/shipyard to T5 )
The fleet ships don't match up to the Bugship-there are a couple Feddie fleet ships that come closer than everything else, but that's like saying an Opel Kadet is almost a BMW M-5, or a 72 camaro is ALMOST a Ferrari F-40.

as for the rest of the statement, it raises the question of whether winning PvP in THIS game is worth paying for, when the 'bragging rights' come down to "I bought a win" ?
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